For service, preservation or cleaning, our trucks are designed for all restaurants and hotels. Practical, made with quality materials and designed, you can choose from dozens of templates for food or as racks, laundry or for cleaning.

Catering Trolleys

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ALL-PURPOSE 3-SHELF CATERING TROLLEY - MOD. CP1008 - Plastic construction with anodized aluminium struts - Dimensions cm L85xD43xH95
£ 58.00

Laundry / Cleaners / Multipurpose trolleys

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MOP WRINGER TROLLEY - MOD. CA1599E - Bucket with divider - Top section for holding detergents - Dimensions cm L60xD40xH92
£ 51.55

Plate / Tray / Baking tray trolleys

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COUNTERTOP TRAY RACK - MOD. PT15 - Stainless steel construction - For round trays cm 26 a 32 - Dimensions cm L38xD29xH67 - 4-piece set
£ 45.11