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Beverages are a key product in every food-based business and all beverages are best served chilled. Allforfood offers a vast selection of ice makers to make sure your drinks remain chilled andyour food fresh.

Ice makers, also referred to as ice machines, are an absolute must for all caterers. Whether you own a bar, pub, restaurant, fish monger's, you name it, you will always cry out for a realible ice machine.

There are in fact several types of ice makers based on the size but most importantly on the shape of the ice you wish to serve. Allforfood has selected quality ice maker machines for all applications. Ice cubes (hollow and full) are the most suitable for bars, pubs and fastfood chains. These two types of ice are perfect for keeping your drinks chilled as they take much longer to melt compared to other types of ice.

Browse through our selection of ice machines and choose the ice cube maker that best suits your needs. Should your concern be keeping delicate food fresh such as fish, for instance, Allforfood recommends an ice machine that makes flake ice. Flake ice can in fact be the most practical solution if you like to display your products in a showcase as it helps preserve its freshness throughout the day. Pick out the most suitable flake ice makers from our numerous ice machines. Another important matter to bear in mind when purchasing an ice maker is where you wish to fit the actual ice machine within your venue.

Ice makers can be supplied either air-cooled or water-cooled. Both have their pros and cons but Allforfood is here to give you a helping hand and clear up any doubts you may have. Air-cooled ice machines are definitely more cost effective but you must place it in a spacious areas to allow for air circulation which is pivotal to maintain the duration of your ice machine. Water-cooled ice makers, on the other hand, are more reliable in hot areas and, most importantly, can also be fitted under a counter.Most of the ice cube machines are in fact provided water-cooled: an under-counter placement is the most common concern for a bar tender as to have fresh iceready at hand whenever you may need it.

Lastly, when choosing your ice maker, it is important to pick out the ice machine that will make the right amount of ice for your specific needs. Allforfood offers numerous ice makers ranging from the smallest (which make up to 25kg aday) to the largest which make over 2000kg of ice a day. The small and medium-sized ice machines (which are mainly ice cube makers) feature a built-in ice bin to store the fresh ice so you can scoop out as much as you need when you need it. The large ice makers, on the other hand, require an external ice bin as they make enourmous quantities of ice but you need not fear: Allforfood has already selected the appropriate ice bins for these cases and you can find them amongst the accessories of the ice maker machine you are interest in.