ELECTRIC STERILIZER - MOD. STER UVA LONG - POWER 70 Watt - SINGLE PHASE supply 230/50/1 - Dimensions Cm. L40 x D14 x h76 - EC standards
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Made in ItalyMade in Italy
Electric sterilizer STER UV: blocking plexiglass door
Mod. STER UVAL Safety switch on door for UV neon shut off
Lamps and watt 2x8 and light switch on (only 24)
Absorption 70 watt Timer power on
0,3A Practical knife holder, removable for cleaning
Timer 0÷120 made from filtering plastic to guarantee
Max blade length cm. 45 max sterilizing capacity without having to replace knife
N.15 Knives Weight Kg. 10
Fully stainless steel Dimensions Cm. L40 x D14 x h76