ELECTRIC STERILIZER FOR KNIVES-ULTRAVIOLET-MOD. 7504-capacity 20 knives-POWER of irradiation: # 1 UV LAMP/C 220/240V SINGLE PHASE POWER SUPPLY 16-W 50/60 Hz-DIM. 51 x d 67 x h 13 cm L-CE
Code: MTC/7504
Lead time: 3 to 15 working days
Made in ItalyMade in Italy
ELECTRIC STERILIZERS FOR KNIVES FROM WALL adjustable Timer switch 0/60 minutes
UV MOD. 7504 max Length 20 Ability knives knives: handle cm 15 and 35 cm blade
anticreepage methacrylate Door stainless steel magnetic knife Rack UV steel wire power W 1/50 Hz single phase 230V/16
safety Microswitch for automatic opening lamp size L 51 x w 13 x H 67