Code: EMP/E010
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SCHIACCIABARATTOLI automatic with push button start cycle
MOD. E010 Frontal door with safety switch that allows operation of the machine only door closed and interrupts the presser travel if the door is opened
ideal for compact cans and drums of up to 30 liters on average 8 jars thrust plate with perforated Bottom for leachate drainage plate spark
reduces the volume to 1 any
sturdy welded steel liquid collection tray
pneumatic operation to limit the risks when you shrink jars that contained flammable leveling feet
pressing force approximately 2.5 ton (with air pressure 8 Bar plant) 44 x 49 cm max jar size L h
quick connection to your compressed air system load opening cm L 44 x 50 x d 52 cm Size L 49h
reduced x
easy to use and secure 200 H weight kg 230