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Are you looking for a blast chiller for your commercial kitchen? Allforfood offers a vast selection of blast chillers – freezers ranging from a 3 GN 1/1 tray chillers, to a larger 5 GN 1/1 tray unit. Allforfood's blast chillers are high quality, made in Italy appliances, suitable for all applications and available at an outstandingly affordable price.

This products are also known with the name blast chiller – shock freezer, that is a powerful catering appliance designed especially to chill food quickly in order to avoid bacterial growth, thus preserving the quality of your food.

The two principal functions are:

  1. blast chilling, which reduces the temperature of hot, cooked food from 70°C down to 3°C in just 90 minutes;
  2. shock freezing, which freezes food from 70°C to -18°C in just 240 minutes. This outstandingly quick process allows you to preserve your food correctly, in compliance with the European hygiene standards and regulations.Not only will your food be safe but this products guarantee you to maintain the deliciousness of your produce. In fact, the process is so quick that it transforms the liquid contained in your food into micro-crystals (and not macro-crystals as do ordinary freezers) and therefore the consistency of your food remains intact as if it were fresh.

You may think that blast chillers and freezers seem similar but in fact they are very different indeed. Ordinary freezers take a long time to freeze food thus creating macro-crystals which destroy the consistency and flavor of your quality produce. This kind of equipment, on the other hand, is designed especially for this exact purpose: to freeze food so quickly as to preserve its original features, allowing you to also chill hot cooked food and freeze it in such an unbelievably short time. You can in fact place hot food directly into tray, without having to wait for it to cool down first. This is definitely an enormous benefit for the quality of your food and thus your customers, but also for your wallet, because you can save precious time and money.

Many Japanese restaurants have popped up throughout the years and this equals to an increased demand in blast chillers-shock freezers. In fact these products are of crucial appliance for these kind of restaurants. There would be no food-safe sushi around without a precious equipment, and that is because they guarantee safe raw fish for all sushi lovers.

Blast chillers are widely used in several applications, such as the following:

  • Commercial kitchens, patisseries and bakeries;
  • Restaurants, particularly Japanese and sushi restaurants which have an extremely high demand of raw fish;
  • Ice cream parlours and shops, to guarantee higher quality ice cream and practical storage.

Although they were initially designed for commercial use, nowadays they have also reached our homes. Shop online at www.allforfood.co.uk to buy one for your home to have the same hygiene safety you would get outside your doorstep. This kind of equipment for home would be a great way to increase your creativity in the kitchen! Browse through our vast selection or contact us for more information.